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Depok, Ar-Rahman Islamic School, 01/04/21. How to be confident in speaking English? It is easy! You just speak up no matter if your grammar is incorrect or your vocabulary is limited. However, in real life speaking English is not as easy as we clap our hands for some students. They tend to be shy or unconfident to speak English. In addition, they prefer to write to speak.

In English lessons, we as a teacher must think creatively to improve pupils’ speaking skill. Doing conversation with a partner is one of the ways to improve their speaking skill. Besides, they can know their partner well. This time, Monday 29th of March, 2021; the conversation topic was about jobs and professions. There are lots of questions they could ask their partner, such as “What will you be in the future?”, “Why do you want to be a police?” or “What activities that you will do if you become a doctor?”.

Some students have decided what they’re going to be, but some could not decide yet. This conversation was done via zoom meeting. Each student with their partner started to do conversation by asking the questions & giving answers about jobs or professions.Finally, each student was happy to speak English and were not shy anymore. (March, 29th 2021)

by Eka Restu Pangesty, S.Pd.

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