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Nowadays, English has been an international language. Besides, English has been one of main subjects at schools in Indonesia. Most Indonesian pupils think, it is difficult to learn English due to it is not their mother tongues. Apparently, many pupils can learn it easily although they can not master four English skills. English Lesson has four skills to be learned namely listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

One of the most difficult skill for pupils is speaking skill. They tend to be shy and unconfident to speak up. It is caused by limited of vocabulary and lack of grammar. Therefore, as an English teacher I must try to improve their speaking skills by giving them speaking test indidvidually and also work in pair or in group. Hopefully, they can be more confident to speak English no matter what.

This semester, I ask pupils of grade eight to do a presentation virtually, use a video conference. Ar-Rahman Islamic School has been using Zoom Cloud Meeting for being our video conference platform for teaching and learning since pandemic situation In Indonesia. As a result, teachers and pupils have to stay at home. Meanwhile, they have to study virtually. That’s why, the pupils also have to know and familar with zoom cloud meeting.

In this presentation, they are divided into some groups, each group consists of three pupils. They will role play to be a host, moderator and presenter. The topic is about past real stories or even histories, it is related to Recount Text lesson for grade eight.

As a host, they should open and close the presentation and also record the attendance list. Besides, as a moderator, they should lead the presentation and make sure the participants obey the rules of presentation such as turn on their cameras all presentation long, ask them to type some questions in chat box or even turn on their audios to ask the questions to the presenter. Last, moderator create a flyer to be shared to the other participants who will join. The last but not least, as a presenter, they should create a slide presentation and also present the topic. Besides, answer the questions from the participants and also give a conclusion or moral values for all of us.

All groups had discussed with their members about the topic. In addition, they had submitted the slide presentation and the flyer into English Google Classroom on last Monday, February 1st, 2021. After all, the will do presentation on next Monday.

This way hopefully will be useful for increasing their confidence, improving their speaking skills and also creating a fun way learning to learn English.

Here is one of slide presentations and flyers created by pupils of grade eight


by Eka Restu Pangesty, S.Pd.

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